22 - 24 June 2024
O2 Manchester

Textured Talk

Social Stage Monday

Design Essentials

Texture, the hot topic in hair, remains a subject of fascination. At the forefront of this exploration we present ‘Texture Talk’, where the International Artistic Team from Design Essentials® will delve into the multifaceted nature of Textured Hair, demonstrating its versatility and beauty.

Hair passionates, prepare to be inspired by the artistry of styling textured hair. With the right skills and products innovations suited to these hair types, your vision for wavy, curly, and coily hair can come to life. The Design Essentials® team, featuring Multiple Award-Winning Hair Artist Junior Green, Loctologist & Natural Hair Specialist Teldra Campbell, Artistic Director & Healthy Hair Advocate Stephen DeBellotte, and Master Colourist, Assessor & IQA Tamara Robinson, will present a specially curated Hair Collection that exemplifies the potential of textured hair.

Patricia Davis, International Lead Educator, will guide the ‘Texture Talk’ with her extensive knowledge and scientific approach, offering valuable insights and lessons. Set against the intimate backdrop of the Social Stage, the team’s goal is to inspire a broader acceptance of all hair types and textures in professional hairdressers’ service portfolios.

As stylists, we must recognize the diversity of wave and curl patterns that exist. With approximately 65% of the global population having some form of wave, curl, or coil, it’s essential to shift mindsets and welcome clients with diverse hair needs. Now is the time to acknowledge the importance of servicing a wider range of hair types.

At Design Essentials®, we invite you to be part of this pivotal discussion and to embrace the diversity of hair textures. We are here to take the fear out of your journey.