22 - 24 June 2024
O2 Manchester

Mauro live stage.

Main Stage Saturday

Concept Hair – Learner Of The Year Winners

Style Challenge- With the fellowship

Two Concept Hair Learner of the Year Winners are the first to showcase their talent in Haircons revival of the iconic 30 minute makeover challenge, sponsored by The Fellowship For British Hairdressing. 2024’s Level 3 barber Kevin Kusmierek meets 2022’s…

Four On The Floor

Barber Showcase

Four talented barbers to showcase their skills with their latest techniques and vision on future trends. Full show information to follow.

Ashleigh Hodges v Rob Eaton – Presidential Showdown

Style Challenge- with The Fellowship

Fellowship President and leading colour expert, Robert Eaton takes on the President Elect, Ashleigh Hodges, in an ultimate power struggle ‘against the clock’ demonstrating why they’re both at the helm of the hair industry’s centre of excellence. In a year…

Josh & Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy – Metamorphosis


Step into a world of endless possibilities with “Metamorphosis”, where every strand tells a story of innovation and imagination. In this captivating live show, we invite you to witness the transformative power of handmade hair pieces that redefine beauty standards….

Four on the Floor – Hosted By Sarah Louise Keane

Colour Conversations

Sarah Louise Keane aka SLK Bleach, Head of Education for Blonde Solutions UK & Ireland, leads four colour artists to the fore. Exploring the latest viral techniques and discussing the impact of social on colour trends. Featuring a talented line…

Cal Newsome v Dean Gleeson – Battle Of The Barbers

Style Challenge- with The Fellowship

Two of Britain’s biggest barbers, Cal Newsome of Bull & Co Barber Club and Dean Gleeson of Mengo Male Grooming, go head on in our unique 30 minute makeover challenge sponsored by The Fellowship For British Hairdressing. With a special…

Josh Lamonaca – Ending Hair Loss Taboos


Barber Josh Lamonaca challenges the stigmas surrounding hair loss in an educational masterclass designed to transform how we approach, style, and converse about hair loss within the beauty and barber industry. Discover innovative haircutting techniques tailored for clients experiencing hair…

Rochelle Raye Anthony v Scott Cooper – Cool Creatives

Style Challenge- with The Fellowship

Finalist of last years Apprentice Rochelle Raye Anthony, competes with King of Curls, Scott Cooper in a turbo powered Style Challenge, sponsored by The Fellowship of British Hairdressing. Member of the Fellowships – Project Afro, The Curly Scot is passionate…

Editorial Artistry Showcase

Diva Pro Styling

Join Diva Pro Styling at HairCon 2024 for the Editorial Artistry Showcase with Giuseppe Stelitano, Alan Bjornson, and Thassio Leal, where creativity meets precision. Experience the artistry of leading stylists as they share their innovative techniques and explore untapped realms…

Sizzle and delight: When Olaplex and Neal & Wolf combine

Olaplex & Neal & Wolf

Join the delightful duo from the Salon promotions education team Laura Elliott and Chloe Whittle as they showcase beautiful models and technique and share insights into Olaplex. Laura helped create Neal & Wolf colour and has worked alongside many icons…

Global Superstars

Style Challenge- with The Fellowship

James Earnshaw, Wella’s Global Ambassador and award winning stylist, showcases what’s made him an International sensation in our unique 30 minute head to head opposite one of the industries leading authorities on Afro and textured hair, Jacqui McIntosh. If you…

Wahl Future Makers!!!


Simon Shaw, Cal Newsome, Alan Beak and Dean Gleeson!! Here we go with the Wahl big hitters. Hitting you hard and fast with the latest clipper and trimmer techniques, and technology creating the latest futuristic looks.

The GLammies 

Great Lengths

Great Lengths Hair Extensions by B-Corp brings the glamour of ‘The GLammies’ to Haircon, for its 12th annual awards honouring the craft and creativity of the most innovative hair extension experts from the Uk’s best hair salons and independent stylists….

Rob Wood – Instant Transformations

Novo Cabelo

Join Novo Cabelo’s founder and creative director Rob Wood for a show with the Wow factor, showcasing instant transformations using their ground-breaking hair replacement system. Featuring incredible, ten minute transformations changing not just how men and women look, but how…

Jack & The Wolfe – A Modern Fairytale


Jack & The Wolfe weave a tale of colour and fairy core fashion in a spellbinding show straight from a storybook. Cutter Jack Mead and colourist Lydia Wolfe have a huge social media following for their hair artistry and transformations…

Josh Lamonaca – Celebrity Surprise


Ever been genuinely surprised? Well, strap in, because tonight is about to redefine your understanding of the word. Josh Lamonaca has become synonymous with groundbreaking style transformations, sets the stage for something so unexpected, it’s guaranteed to leave everyone talking….

My Bad Sister

Live Dance Act

Identical twins My Bad Sister are a turbo-charged all singing all dancing duo that has now teamed up with underground rave DJ Vibe Mechanix.A truly unforgettable live act, MBS’s razor-sharp mirrored choreography, boundary pushing style and subversive lyrics have earned…