22 - 24 June 2024
O2 Manchester

Food and drink available at HairCon.

Bars & Restaurants

A wide selection of delicious food and beverages catering to various tastes for all to enjoy.

Food and drink available at HairCon.

Dining Experiences

HairCon will offer the opportunity for you to indulge in sumptuous dining experiences that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide a moment of relaxation or a way to entertain your guests amid the event experience. The champagne lounge will be beckoning too, with elegant ambiance, as a place to mix business with pleasure.

Food and drink available at HairCon.

Urban Street Food

Whether you’re in the mood to enjoy a leisurely brunch or you’d prefer a quick bite on the go, quality food and drink will be available throughout the day to keep you energised. For those who crave a taste of the eclectic, urban street food will be on hand, offering a tantalising variety of flavours from around the world.