22 - 24 June 2024
O2 Manchester

Dean Gleeson will be on the live stage at HairCon.

Dean Gleeson

Dean Gleeson is the co-founder of Mengo male grooming, award winning barber and Wahl artistic team member. Being in the industry for 17 years has allowed Dean to express himself in many different creative ways.

About Dean

Dean has dedicated his barbering career to continuously becoming the best at what he does. From creating his own stand-out collections featured in BarberEVO and Modern Barber magazines, to being crowned the winner of ‘British Barber of the Year’ and ‘Pro Barber World Series’, Dean’s relentless passion and hard work continues to shake the barbering industry in the UK.

Mengo Male Grooming, which Dean has co-owned alongside his business partner since 2015, has grown into a community where cutting-edge skills and creative visions are put into practice to create masterpieces daily.

Specialising in pattern work and designs using clippers and fading techniques, Dean educates those that aspire to reach his skill level alongside the Wahl Artistic Team in exhibitions, seminars and courses around the UK.

When you see someone’s hair as a canvas, anything is possible!

Art has always Dean’s passion, and in many ways, hair has given him the ability to express that, in both cutting and styling. Hair art captivated him early in his career, and he is heavily invested in bringing it back to the stage.