22 - 24 June 2024
O2 Manchester

Tondeo. Solingen scissors manufacturer since 1928

As a Solingen-based company, TONDEO has naturally benefited from this technical knowledge since 1928. We at TONDEO work tirelessly to optimise all production processes. We want to further improve and achieve an even lighter cutting action as well as even greater sharpness and stability for our premium products.

Most scissors worldwide are manufactured according to the modular principle, in which the handle area and cutting edges are welded together from different parts. In contrast, TONDEO is the world’s only manufacturer to use CNC technology to mill the high-precision blanks for the scissors from a single piece of steel.

This unparalleled precision enables the TONDEO scissor grinders and inspectors, with their immense expertise, to reduce the required closing force to just 10 grams. For the hairdresser, this means an enormous saving in force over the course of a year.

Tondeo company logo. Tondeo will be exhibiting at HairCon.