22 - 24 June 2024
O2 Manchester

Connect, Learn & Thrive

At the upcoming HairCon event, How To Cut It is excited to present our vision of bringing the first-ever sHair Circle—a progressive and engaging concept that will energise professional hair stylists and barbers alike. We are setting the stage for an immersive experience where attendees can convene within our curated gathering area, designed to foster connection and dialogue through live podcasts and candid chats.

Imagine stepping into a space resonating with the pulse of raw creativity and insightful discourse—this is what we aim to deliver through the sHair Circle. Featuring live panel conversations, our presence promises an up-close and personal ambiance reminiscent of an intimate gig, where each interaction contributes to a symphony of shared wisdom.

The essence of our participation extends beyond the auditory to the very heart of community building. The sHair Circle from How To Cut It are not just events, but catalysts for transformative encounters, offering a unique chance to exchange pioneering ideas and initiate stimulating discussions in an innovative setting. Our focus pivots on the core values that we hold dear—connection, learning, and mutual growth.

How to cut it logo. How to cut it will be attending HairCon.